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On Mono

So, my interest piqued by Dashboard, I tried to get Mono, the Ximian .NET implementation.

On my Debian x86 box, I installed the Debian packages hosted at Debian Planet. Aside from a missing file in the gtk-sharp package (the pkgconfig file), that all went well. I was able to check Dashboard out of GNOME CVS and run it just fine.

On my Debian PowerPC machine (an iBook 500), the tale was a little unhappier I'm afraid. There were no precompiled binaries, so I had a shot at building my own. After a few tweaks such as persuading it to use the mint interpreter instead of the JITter, it all built.

Unfortunately it didn't really run properly. Quite a few of the gtk-sharp test cases failed inexplicably. Dashboard itself bombed at trying to make a socket. Nat Friedman informed me that really Mono is rather broken on PowerPC at the moment. This is a big shame, as I'd hoped to take it away with me on my iBook for hacking during OSCON this week.

The most authoritative statement I've found so far on the status of the Mono PowerPC port indicates that it's mostly being pursued unofficially, although there is a status page on the Mono web site.

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