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Instrumenting Phone Manager for Dashboard

A recently implemented feature in Dashboard is cluepacket-rewriting. Cluepackets are the short XML messages applications send to Dashboard. Rewriting them enables backends to augment clues to help other backends. For instance, when an instant message comes in, the clue contains the remote user's nick and the content of the message. Your addressbook contains a mapping from an IM nick to an email address and home page URL. So, when the addressbook backend receives the clue, it augments it with the URL and email address. Other applications are then able to show more relevant information.

A brief conversation about this on IRC made me realise I've already written some software that could be useful with this. Phone Manager is a GNOME applet that connects to your mobile phone and enables you to send and receive text messages. Other features such as call vetting and dialling are planned.

I wrote a Dashboard frontend that, when a text message is received, sends a cluepacket containing the sender's phone number and the contents of the text message. With address-rewriting this should enable Dashboard to bring up all the relevant information on the message-sender. To get an idea of what this might look like, take a look at Nat's screenshot of the rewriting working with instant messaging.

I made a new release of Phone Manager, 0.2.1, with this functionality included. The release also includes a fix for Bluetooth connections with Nokia 7650s and a French translation.

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