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A mysterious case of vanishing UDP support

The one dark spot in my computing life is that my wife needs to run Windows on her computer. I had hoped to put an end to that and migrate her to OS X or Linux, but her school put paid to my schemes by giving her a Windows XP laptop.

As all her data is on our local network, this laptop would be supremely useless unless it could connect to my wireless network here. So, I set about connecting it. The card worked just fine, and the laptop can join the wireless network, but it can't do much more. The odd thing is that, while TCP and ICMP work just fine (I can telnet and ping), UDP doesn't work at all. This means that the network card can't use DNS or DHCP.

So the laptop is supremely useless after all. The usual grubbing around on Google found several other people with the same problem, but no solution. (I value more than ever the HOWTO culture in Linux.) I've disabled every darn snooping and firewall facility I could find, I've removed and reinstalled the card drivers, I've reset the TCP/IP stack: but still no joy.

I must have lost an entire day's work to this stupid machine, and no resolution is in sight. Time to leave it alone, and tell my wife she must use sneakernet.


Thanks to people who've been getting in touch with geolocation suggestions following yesterday's entry. Phil Trickett sent a link to GPSdrive, which looks a very promising candidate for Dashboard-enabling.

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