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Articles posted in 2003/07

IPSec, redux the first

In which I failed to get the 2.4 backport of Linux kernel IPSec support working.

Dashboard and FOAF, or, Joining the dots

How to indicate authorship of a web page in a way that works with FOAF. And, a sample implementation in Dashboard.

A mysterious case of vanishing UDP support

In which my life is blighted yet again by Microsoft Windows.

Goodness gracious, great circles

On hacking Dashboard to understand geographical location data.

Processing FOAF with C#

Using an RDF parser is the only sensible thing to do when faced with FOAF.


There is no Cult of Tim at the W3C. Really.

RSS autodetection with Dashboard

Now Dashboard can show RSS feeds related to the site you're browsing. Also, some thoughts about bringing FOAF into the picture.

Two things I'd like to have

I want a Bluetooth enabled GPS receiver, and an RDF vocabulary for open source project metadata.

Minority report: living in the unsupported 5%

Tales of woe suffered at the hands of corporations who don't support anything other than Internet Explorer.

IPSec Facto

In which I lose an entire night's sleep for the sake of securing my wireless network access.

Loving Evolution

Ximian's Evolution project is in need of contribution from outside hackers, it seems.

Placating the cobbler's children

A decision to improve my workflow and hopefully reduce stress.

Dynamic languages in .NET

Notes from an OSCON interest session on getting scripting and functional languages in the .NET CLR runtime.

Landed in Portland

Hurried notes on arriving at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention.

Dashboard, FOAF and phones

A little bit of C# and Twisted Python, and a lot of cool.

Python and .NET

The .NET runtime is cool, but I really want to stick with Python in order to use it.

Instrumenting Phone Manager for Dashboard

My first add-on for Dashboard: cluepacket support in Phone Manager.

On Mono

Mono works well on x86 Linux, but sadly not on PowerPC.

World Wide Words

If you're at all interested in words, then this weekly email newsletter is for you.

Sticking with it -- Zope

Why I've used Zope for over three years now, despite it being a non-obvious choice of platform.
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