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a conference management web application

XTech Conference
a European web technology conference

Articles posted in 2003/08

Things that Just Work

A few computer programs that have actually made my life better, rather than more annoying.

Living in Redland

A brief report of my recent work with the Python API of the Redland RDF toolkit. I forgot to sleep and eat.

Wrapping Egg in Python

How peer-pressure on GNOME Bluetooth led me to learn how to wrap GTK widgets for use from Python.

FOAFbot lives once more

The FOAFiest IRC bot in existence is back online, with new features to boot.

Updates on OpenVPN, DriveRDF, Windows

Revisiting topics from the last few weeks

Sticking with it -- RDF

Why I've stuck with RDF over the last few years, despite the naysayers.

PHP gets all proper

PHP 5's new object oriented facilities make it an even more competitive choice for web site development.

Open (VPN) Sesame!

In which a kind reader points me to a reliable way to make a secure tunnel into my private network.
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