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A few cool things

Here are some of the things I'm tracking in my endless search for new stuff.

F-Spot is a photo management application for GNOME, written in C and C# (of course, courtesy of Mono.) It's written by Ettore Perazzoli, and there are various screenshots in Ettore's November blog entries. F-Spot is just getting started, but it's already showing a lot of promise. I love the versioning idea for pictures. When it gets a bit more mature, I want to have a go at creating export filters for it to export to Gallery or RDF annotations.

It All Starts Here is the first EP release from Jem. I heard her on KCRW, and I'm looking forward to taking delivery of this CD. Many thanks to my chum Gavin who pointed me to KCRW in the first place.

Planet Gnome, an aggregated blog made from GNOME contributors' weblogs. I've been reading this for a while but haven't mentioned it here before. This blog is great, provides loads of transparency for the work being done on GNOME apps, and helps share and propagate ideas. Planet Gnome was put together by Jeff Waugh. In a similar vein, I also follow Monologue, an aggregation of Mono developers' blogs.

The last unutterably cool thing I want to mention today is monodoc, the documentation tool from Mono. It's just like most help browsers, but it has an edit button. This is just a very clever way to get docs written: rather than having to plough through some clunky system of files, you just edit in place and send the docs back to the server. Miguel de Icaza explains.

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