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Roaming minds

A while back I wrote about my troubles with a page on Vodafone's web site -- the roaming charges list -- not working well with anything but Internet Explorer. Today, I have an update on this. The customer support gentleman I corresponded with a while back wrote to tell me that the area in question is being re-designed and will be Mozilla compatible. One of the factors that reminded him to write to me was that he saw the bit I wrote for this weblog. That's good progress, so thanks to Vodafone UK.

Incidentally, I'm having no problems with cellphone roaming over here in the US. My phone has selected T-Mobile, which works fine for voice and GPRS. I can use my phone's Jabber client fine while roaming around the conference hall. How goofy!

The blogging meme has finally hit the somewhat traditional nature of the XML USA conference. For the first time we've got wireless access throughout, and there's a roster of folks likely to be blogging during the week.

Of course the real reason for conferences is to go out eating and drinking with your pals, and last night was no exception. Went out for a decent Indian meal with Uche Ogbuji, Simon St.Laurent, Evan Lenz, Ron Bourret and Eric van der Vlist, then bumped into even more XMLerati in the bar later.

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