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We'll be together again

As a friend remarked last night, there's a strong element of the high school reunion to the XML 2003 conference. Many people last seen two or three years ago are back in town. Especially because we're in the same venue as we were in 1999, coming here feels familiar and comfortable.

Not everything's old though. From a show of hands at the start of the conference there was a sizeable number for whom it was their first XML USA conference, and still just a few for whom this was their first encounter with XML.

I wrote like crazy yesterday, and with Kendall Clark's able assistance managed to get two reports onto XML.com pretty quickly:

I was really impressed with the smart document stuff Adobe had built. It seemed to be a strong and superior competitor to Microsoft's InfoPath. I am normally very skeptical about vendor-led plenary sessions at conferences, but I was very glad to see Adobe's work. The best things about it are that the resultant forms can look very nice, and that client machines only need Acrobat Reader in order to generate XML documents to whatever schema you desire.

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