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Conferences for 2004

A typical year sees me attend a reasonable number of XML and open source related conferences. Here's my expected attendance for the first half of 2004.

O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference. February 9-12. San Diego, CA, USA. I'll be presenting here on FOAF and Dashboard.

FOSDEM 2004. February 21-22. Brussels, Belgium. Not presenting here, but hope to go and hang around with cool open source hacker friends.

XML Europe 2004. April 18-21. Amsterdam, Netherlands. I'm the chair of this conference! And what's more, there's still time to submit an abstract, you have until January 5th!

WWW 2004. May 17-22. New York, NY, USA. The only place to be for anyone involved with web standards. I'll probably be reporting on this for XML.com.

GUADEC 2004. June 28-30. Kristiansand, Norway. The annual GNOME developers' conference. I hope to present an update on the GNOME Bluetooth integration.

O'Reilly Open Source Convention. July 26-30. Portland, OR, USA. I'm on the programme committee for this conference and will be hoping to submit something on Linux and Bluetooth.

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