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Wrapping up the holiday

The Christmas holiday season is always a lot busier than it is restful, hence the quietness on this site. A few things stand out as worth noting, though.

Coding and publishing

Winter sun on our living room wallBattling through my irritating head-cold I re-started work on GNOME Bluetooth. Unfortunately a lot of the work on that at the moment is under the surface, and when complete will result in exactly the same functionality as before. Typical, but necessary. It's a shame I don't get more hacking time, I feel I'm getting left behind by some of the excellent things going on in the GNOME world.

We managed to publish two issues of XML.com over the holidays. Deciding how much content to publish over Christmas and New Year is always difficult: you don't want to "waste" too much when people aren't reading, but on the other hand I always have a lot of good stuff to publish. Incidentally, if you are interested in writing for XML.com, check out the guidelines on how to submit an article.

Just before Christmas I redesigned this weblog page to be XHTML 1.0 Strict + CSS compliant, with an intent to roll it out to the rest of the site. I'm using the incredibly handy Zope Page Templates, which really help in creating clean output. If there are any remaining errors, it's likely in the conversion process from the Zope Structured Text in which I write articles. I would love it if structured text were upgraded to guarantee valid XHTML output. One other benefit of the redesign means I'll soon be adding a search facility to this weblog.


One of my Christmas gifts was a digital radio. Like Giles, I'm loving DAB radio. Being able to receive Radio 3 in high quality is a delight.

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