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Aggregating RSS is fun. The latest thing in the open source world is to bring together the journals of people working on the same project into one site. Advogato started it in a general sense, but recently it's been getting more project-specific.

The Mono hackers have Monologue. Jeff Waugh from the GNOME project launched Planet GNOME, made all the cuter by "hackergotchi" heads for each contributor. The Linux kernel guys do it too, as do the KDE hackers. Add in GNOME Korea, and most recently the Debian project.

So I'm pleased to announce the addition of Planet RDF, the aggregation of the blogs of semantic web enthusiasts and hackers. One of the best things about Planet RDF is how quickly we put it all together; in about three hours. Matt Biddulph had already written the aggregation code earlier in 2003, so we had the blogroll format sorted. Dave Beckett already had his list of semantic web bloggers. The Mono guys were kind enough to lend their CSS, and Phil McCarthy did excellent XSLT work. And all the fault of Jeff for asking whether FOAF would make a good vocabulary for sharing Planet-X style blogrolls.

From the last few months of reading Planet GNOME, I've found the project-specific aggregation of blogs not just to be a cute novelty, but a good way of sharing ideas and stimulating friendly competition in software development. I hope Planet RDF can can fulfil that role for semantic web hackers.

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