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Planet fun

There's lots of fun happening in the Planet-* blog aggregation world. Scott Remnant and Jeff Waugh have made a lot of improvements to the code base that runs Planet Debian and Planet GNOME. This has enabled Jeff to write some whizzy output templates for Planet GNOME that means it can interoperate better with my RDF-tastic view of the world.

First off, there's an RSS 1.0 feed for Planet GNOME. More excitingly, Jeff has exported the list of participants (I suppose we must call it a "blogroll", but I don't care for the word) in a format similar to the FOAF/RDF blogroll that Planet RDF takes as its input.

To test, we ran the Planet GNOME blogroll through the Planet RDF aggregation software, and it worked just great. Obvious, I guess, but very pleasing! Here's the test HTML output and RSS 1.0.

While there are quite a few aggregators around, what I like about what we're doing with the planets is that we're being good standards-loving web citizens. We're processing the gunk that is RSS-in-the-wild, and churning it out again as near XHTML as we can, and exporting an RSS 1.0 feed that's valid RDF, as well as avoiding the nasty escaped markup trick. Should warm the cockles of Norm's heart!

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