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It's been a long week. The call for papers ended for XML Europe last week, and there's been plenty of work to do for the conference. I've been chasing up and down the country for meetings, and catching up on the backlog of XML.com correspondence that I built up over the holidays.

I'm finding, however, that being productive in any area of work tends to engender a general increase in productivity. It's better to do something than nothing, so I've been filling spaces with some lower-priority tasks in order to rest from the more pressing work.

So, a potted progress report of irrelevant hacking:

  • gnome-bluetooth: integrated some build cleanups from Ross Burton, fixed some memory leaks, and reorganised the code. I added gtk-doc support to libbtctl: the equivalent of Java's javadoc, just more of a pain to get going. It felt good to make some progress, however small, as I've been feeling rather behind, especially when I read in Planet GNOME about all the great work going on.
  • patched Debian's docbook-xml: in order for gtk-doc to work properly it needs a system XML catalog entry for the DocBook XML DTDs. Debian currently doesn't ship these, so I created a patch that registers the DTDs in the catalog on installation.
  • Bluetooth package maintenance for Debian: I uploaded quite a number of bug fixes for Debian's Bluetooth packages, some of which were kindly contributed by Philipp Matthias Hahn. With a bit of luck we might see the BlueZ packages get into testing.

Another bright spot was that Marcel Holtmann fixed what had been a very annoying bug in Linux 2.6 Bluetooth support. This bug had been making my machine hang after three or four connection attempts.

On the horizon for next week is another round of intensive XML Europe work, creating the draft programme for the conference; hurried preparation for ETech, at which I'm presenting on FOAF and Dashboard; work on my super top-secret project, and the usual rounds of XML.com work.

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