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Articles posted in 2004/03

Developer love: GNOME's next step

The Java vs. C# choice is a minor part of the decisions surrounding GNOME's future. The developers of the Linux desktop need to work hard to court third party programmers.

iFolder brings file sharing and metadata storage to Linux

Novell are going to open source their iFolder product, and with it a metadata-aware filesystem for Linux.

Easy sharing for photos

I'd like to be able to choose who gets to see my photos, using the addressbook on my computer. This should be easier than it is!

What next for GNOME's user interface?

It's time to make GNOME a realistic platform for developers. Microsoft's XAML is a challenge that needs to be met.

Making GNOME hot for content creation

A large number of Internet users publish content. Mostly photos and a few web pages. How can we make that easier on the GNOME desktop?
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