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a conference management web application

XTech Conference
a European web technology conference

Articles posted in 2004/06

GUADEC reflections: supporting innovation in GNOME

Some notes on the GNOME Users and Developers conference, including my presentation on metadata for the desktop.

Not so much a midlife crisis

Rumours of my demise are muchly exaggerated. It just turns out that coding and writing use the same resource pool.

Why I contribute to Debian

It's often frustrating, and always hard work. So why do I do it? Because I can't think of a better OS.

I like Amazon

Amazing! Something on the internet that consistently doesn't suck.

A first look at Opera's Mobile Accelerator

A mini-review of Opera's new Mobile Accelerator proxy server, for use with Opera on smartphones.

The HID Switcher Proxy

How Bluetooth adapters can emulate keyboards and mice until the operating system has booted.

GNOME Bluetooth release

Fresh, hot, GNOME Bluetooth software. Get it before the bitrot does!

Using a Nokia SU-1B Digital Pen with Linux

A little hack I wrote to get the rather cool Nokia digital pen talking to Linux.

Happy Zero Day!

On having no email, Mono beta release, Bluetooth work and upcoming conferences.
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