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GTK2 Emacs

In the endless debate between vi and Emacs, I waver. I'll always use both and normally I'll use whichever one has the best mode for the job I'm doing. Recently gvim has had the upper hand for the simple reason of using GTK2 and having antialiased fonts, which are much easier on my eyes.

On and off I've heard the stories about GTK2 support in Emacs CVS. I even tried building it once, but as I'm a Debian user and relatively elisp-inept, I prefer to use packaged builds. Periodically I search to see if anybody's packaged CVS Emacs yet. This time I found the next best thing. Jerome Marant has published some debian/ build files for building CVS emacs. Here's GTK2 Emacs running on my system.

GTK2 Emacs

I jotted down a few notes on building CVS Emacs debs, along with some tips I found on using the resulting CVS Emacs packages. There are still some wrinkles with integrating with the emacsen-common stuff, but not many.

The sad thing is that GTK2 Emacs only means the window border and menus use GTK2. I still really want a pango-ized editing buffer. I can dream.

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