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Announcing DOAP to the world

Although I've made several references to it in the past, I've not formally announced my work on DOAP yet. So here goes. This is what I posted to various RDF-related mailing lists, intended to stir up interest in possible participants.

DOAP (Description of a Project) Vocabulary

DOAP is a project to create an XML/RDF vocabulary to describe open source projects.

Initial goals include

  • Internationalized description of a software project and its associated resources, including participants and Web resources
  • Basic tools to enable the easy creation and consumption of such descriptions
  • Interoperability with other popular Web metadata projects (RSS, FOAF, Dublin Core)
  • The ability to extend the vocabulary for specialist purposes

I am working towards a beta release of tools and documentation for the vocabulary, and now want to raise awareness so potential contributors can get involved. The project has a mailing list, linked from the home page.

I'm particularly looking for people willing to help me with converters to make it easy to generate DOAP files from the metadata systems already in programming environments. For example Python distutils, Perl MakeMaker, GNU Autoconf, .NET assembly information. Other fertile areas for creating DOAP-related tools would be in the Eclipse IDE and Firefox web browser.

If you're interested, come chat on IRC or join the mailing list. Details here.

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