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Articles posted in 2004/07

IronPython released as open source

Jim Hugunin has released his implementation of Python for Mono/.NET as open source software.


I'm at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention this week. I got to see a copy of my book, and there's a lot of interest in DOAP.

Announcing DOAP to the world

Formally introducing the Description of a Project vocabulary to the world at large. Come and play!

The other side of the desktop

My thoughts on the Desktop Developers Conference: a gathering of those working on free desktops.

GTK2 Emacs

On building Debian packages for CVS Emacs, and getting GTK2 goodness as a reward.

On the radar

Some interesting things I found (programming and content management), what I've been working on this week (RDF and Mono), and where I'll be next week (Ottawa).

Geeky secrets of a Linux road warrior

Work displacement leads me to set up some cool Linux toys to support me while on the road.

Upping the pace

On the release of Mono, and leaving the editorship of XML.com.
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