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IronPython and Mono progress

My work on porting the book examples to IronPython with Mono has progressed, and I've hit on a few stumbling blocks. Unfortunately I'm not clever enough to do the work required to fix them for now.

The main two obstacles to doing serious work with IronPython/Mono and Gtk# are that subclassing CLR classes is not yet implemented in IronPython; and the constructor inheritance bug which prevents IronPython firing inherited constructors when run with Mono.

One thing I have succeeded at, though, is building IronPython entirely from source on Linux with Mono. There's a small issue with bootstrapping IronPython.dll, which I got round by building it twice. The first time I use a little judicious sed to remove the circular dependency on SystemUtil.dll.

I've made the Makefiles I used available from my subversion repository. They're rather rough. Over time, if they get some love, maybe they'll be accepted into the IronPython distribution. The most pressing improvement they need is some rules to install IronPython on a system. When that's done they can be used to generate Debian or RPM packages.

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