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Jim Hugunin on IronPython's future

For those who worried that IronPython had gone suspiciously quiet (and I must admit that included me) Jim Hugunin has posted some reassuring words on the IronPython mailing list.

To Zope's Brian Lloyd, who wrote as several others did with offers of help, he wrote

As I said in my recent message to the list, there's no good way to do this today. I appreciate these kinds of offers, and coming from the guy who wrote Python.NET is excellent. I'll get back to you as soon as I know more.

And to the list in general, he wrote:

I want to let you all know as much as I can today about my future development work on IronPython. I still expect to lead the development of IronPython to a stable and complete 1.0 release. One part of my decision to go to Microsoft is to have an employer who will fully support me in achieving this. ...

I've also been busy working out the right plan for me to continue to work on IronPython as a Microsoft employee. I'm making good progress on this, but this work within Microsoft is not yet done. I have great confidence the resulting plan will be one that will make the developer community happy. If the plan doesn't work for developers, then it just doesn't make sense.

Good news. Thanks to Jim for the reassurance.

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