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Emerge, emerge!

I've submitted some proposals for the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference. I went to this conference last year and spoke on Dashboard and a bit on FOAF with Dan Brickley. I was, as I recall, pleasantly surprised. I'd expected a lot of gee-whizz fluff, and while there was a small pool of drool from blogger groupies, in general there was much of substance.

So, what do I consider "emerging" enough to want to bore other people about? Well, the Linux desktop of course! I submitted a proposal modelled to a certain extent after my Linux Fashion Parade ambitions. I never got the time to do the Parade at Foo Camp, and also I don't think it was really the right setting, so I'd like the opportunity to do it properly. And now I've got Ubuntu to show as well, there's a solid soup-to-nuts story.

Part of the exciting story to tell about the Linux Desktop is that there's now both a stable and usable environment that you can give to your tech-illiterate-relative-of-choice, and a great platform on which innovation like Beagle is going on.

My other proposal was about Bluetooth and Linux. Aside from how Linux is getting the rocking-most desktop Bluetooth support (I'm setting aside some hacking time in December!) it's also a great starting point for some cool experimental uses of Bluetooth. I want to further my work with BlueFOAF -- highly localized social software -- and experiment with other semi-connected webby ideas. Small Bluetooth-enabled Linux devices like Gumstix present some interesting opportunities for museums and other public information applications.

I've learned my lesson from previous conferences, and won't be doing both talks, so it's up to the organizers to see which, if any, they want to pick.

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