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Taking the reins

January's a good time for change.

Starting February I'll be taking up the post of Director at Bridgehead International. You can read the site to find out what they do, but the short story is that it's the company that merged with Pharmalicensing, the startup I co-founded back in 1998-1999.

I've been an advisor to the company for years, even when I stepped away to pursue my own career. Now I'm taking on full time executive responsibility for IT and Editorial, with a particular brief for driving forward the company's web site products and reports.

However, I won't be disappearing from general technology circles. I'm still chairing XTech 2005 and writing various articles on occasion. I'll still be a Debian developer, and still hack on GNOME things.

The new job is a chance to put into practice all the great things I only normally get a chance to write 1,500 words about. Also it means I'm back working with a team of people, focused on building something. As great as life as a pundit is, the only thing you get to build is your own reputation.

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