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Urgently required: easy Linux IPSec support

I have now wasted way more time than I wanted to trying to get Linux configured as an IPSec+L2TP client with our new router. I can't say this emphatically enough: configuring IPSec on Linux is a nightmare.

It's not even that there's no GUI: the command line tools are opaque and difficult to set up as well. If there were a Nobel prize for improving Linux, then I'd give it ten times over to someone who made a simple GUI for configuring VPNs under Linux.

Right now, I've had to back away from using IPSec and stick with PPTP, for all its disadvantages. At least it works.

With more and more mobile and home workers, and more wireless LANs needing securing, a sensible VPN client is something that Linux badly needs.

Today, I am mostly grumpy.

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