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The mysterious case of the missing download

Thank you to everybody who wrote offering advice about my troubles with getting IE to download a dynamically-generated file.

I managed to piece together the root of the problem. When IE is told not to cache something, it really doesn't cache it. This causes problems when you start a helper application up, as they expect to find the cached file to operate on.

The sort of situation that causes IE not to cache is either an SSL session, or where caching is turned off for other reasons, such as using PHP's session facilities. This latter reason was the problem I was having.

The answer is remarkably simple, which is to add a Cache-control: private header to the download. This causes IE to keep the downloaded file around.

Bits and pieces

Many congratulations to Lauren on her new job at Sun.

Like Miguel, I'll be off to Lebanon in a few weeks, so am watching the situation over there with some interest.

More good XTech news, Brian Ryner's going to be talking on extending Mozilla to process new XML languages, including XForms as an example.

I was hoping to have an online demonstration of XmlIndexer, but it seems that Mono's xsp ASP.NET server doesn't want to run on the 2.4 series kernel on this machine. Time to get it upgraded to 2.6, I guess.

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