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Planet XTech

I mentioned in an earlier post the various ways in which bloggers can participate in the XTech 2005 coverage.

One problem arising from that is how to pull the diverse coverage together into one place. The answer: Planet XTech.

Using the RSS aggregation code written for Planet XML and Planet RDF I've pulled together these various elements into one page:

  • Recent changes from the XTech wiki
  • A Technorati search for xtech
  • Flickr pictures tagged with xtech
  • Del.icio.us links tagged with xtech

Planet XTech screenshot

It's not perfect by any means, but it's a great way to get an overview of the conference activity. Naturally, we export RSS from the site itself, so you can add it to your aggregator if you wish.

A couple of things I've noticed already:

  • The quality of RSS exported from the various sites varies somewhat. The most difficult to make look interesting is the wiki RSS.
  • Technorati seems to bring old posts to the top quite frequently.

Anyway, it's fun and doubtless will be handy. Planet XTech.

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