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Bits from July

Vacation and work have prevented me blogging as much as I'd like in July. Here are some things that I've been interested in.

Now Debian sarge is out, I've uploaded all the latest greatest BlueZ Bluetooth packages to Debian unstable. Sorry for anybody who had to wait a long time for these.

Ubuntu pbuilder how-to. Essential stuff for anybody building packages for Ubuntu Linux. Ruby on Rails 0.13.1. Hooray for the new release. Sadly, Ubuntu Hoary users can't use it.

Because of the above Ruby bug and various dependency issues with Monopod development (I need the latest greatest libraries for iPod support) I've been thinking about moving my main development box to Ubuntu Breezy. That brings the bonus of GNOME 2.12, and this 2.12 preview highlights some nice improvements. Giving external programs access to Evolution's mail stores is another step forward for integration, nice.

NUnit add-in for MonoDevelop looks very nice. Having a pleasant presentation for unit test results is helpful: I've noticed how Rails' default inclusion of tests really encourages me to write more tests. Grasshopper is IKVM in reverse -- a way to translate .NET CIL into Java bytecode.

I have been able to get a few moments to update the DOAP home page a little. My project to describe open source projects in RDF has gotten some traction, and I'm hope to be able to announce a few software registries that have embraced DOAP soon.

I've signed up for a basic course in Mandarin for later this year, and am starting to look for Mandarin resources on the web. Chinese Tools looks like a good start.

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