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New Monopod release

I've just released monopod 0.4.

Monopod is a simple podcast client.

Version 0.4 fixes a couple of annoying bugs (doesn't reload all podcasts each time, gets over omission of type in KCRW feeds), and includes a few new bits:

  • the first translation (Dutch, from Wouter Bolsterlee)
  • recent.m3u playlist with the 50 most recent downloads
  • bundles entagged-sharp for reading MP3 metadata
  • iPod support

However, don't get too excited yet about the iPod support. First up, you'll need ipod-sharp installed from the Mono Subversion repository, and libipoddevice from GNOME CVS. If you've got that far, then you'll realise that means latest-greatest DBUS and HAL--in other words, a bleeding-edge GNOME setup.

Add to that, the iPod support may or may not work properly. It's definitely going to be a "GNOME 2.12" level feature. But I thought I'd land it in the release anyway, so more work will get done on it in the future.

Of course, Monopod will build fine without iPod support.

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