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OSCON, CodeZoo and DOAP

In Portland this week for OSCON 2005. Niel and I delivered our tutorial on Tuesday, giving a 3 hour introduction to Mono. We could easily have taught for the whole day, even with the brief material we had prepared. Instead of slide printouts, each attendee got a copy of Mono: A Developer's Notebook, which seemed to be popular.

At the start, we asked attendees about their development platforms and interests. We had a pretty even spread of people who were interested in development on Windows, Linux, desktop and server applications, and several Mac OS folks. The cross platform aspect of Mono is definitely a big pull for people.


One of the announcements made this morning was of enhancements made to O'Reilly's CodeZoo site. A repository for code re-use, CodeZoo originally just had Java related content. Now it's added Ruby and Python.

Even more excitingly, it's added DOAP support. CodeZoo is the first full-fledged deployment of DOAP in a software registry. Not only does every software entry in there have a DOAP export, but also software authors can provide automated updates to CodeZoo by creating an Atom feed with embedded DOAP.

Pretty amazing stuff, and really gratifying to see a year or so after I launched DOAP.

There are a few small issues we're currently ironing out, but I hope CodeZoo will show other repositories the value of using DOAP.

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