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Opera, Google, W3C: Yes Please!

I've been out of the loop for a few days, travelling, and suddenly everything is happening at once. I'm starting to get very excited about XTech 2006, and then multiple new products and initiatives are announced that I'd just love to have people talk about at the conference. What are these?

  • Opera's Mobile Platform, which uses AJAX and Opera as a substrate to make phones easy to develop on. I've tried several times to hack for phones, and it's way too hard. This platform could really unlock a surge in phone applications, and change the way we see or use a lot of web services.
  • Google Base. Talk about controversial. There's either nothing to see, or it's validation of our wildest dreams. I want to know about its potential, vision and workings.
  • W3C's Rich Client Activity. In short--standardisation for the key components of AJAX technology and a way forward for creating XML languages to support web applications. Very much a continuation of the themes that got WHATWG going. I've been having much warmer feelings towards the W3C recently, and this activity is great to see.

If you made these things, or know a lot about them, please consider submitting a proposal for XTech 2006!

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