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XTech topic musings

Compiled over the last few weeks, here's a random list of some subjects I'd love to see covered in XTech 2006. There's now only three weeks left of the call for participation -- so it's definitely time get that proposal in! Mail me if you have any questions.

  • OpenDocument vs. Microsoft Office Open XML (am I the only one annoyed by how this format is abbreviated as "Open XML"?)
  • Ruby on Rails 1.0
  • Firefox 1.5, including its many new features for developers. I loved the idea from Tristan Nitot that extensions are a way to keep Firefox successful. There's a lot of potential here. Anybody want to attend a tutorial on making Firefox extensions?
  • W3C Rich Web Clients Activity
  • XSLT 2.0 adoption and implementation--anyone but Saxon?
  • The Web Desktop. I was incredibly interested in this post of Miguel de Icaza's. For a long time I've felt RDF could hold the desktop together, data-wise, but he also proposes that HTTP and web services could do a similar thing. I suspect these are two strands of development that go hand in hand.
  • Design, usability and patterns for AJAX web applications.
  • Open Content Alliance
  • RSS and Atom: despite the release of Atom, RSS continues to grow down its own path. I reckon it's about time to sort out where each are going, and what they're best for.
  • XSL-FO: I use this technology regularly for preparing PDFs with RenderX, and the specification itself is mature. It seems time to take stock of XSL-FO and where it might go in future.

Submit your proposal here: XTech 2006 Call for Participation. XTech will be held 16-19 May 2006, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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