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Paul Graham, XTech and holidays

Just a quick pre-holiday update on the state of XTech 2006.

We've had, as usual, some amazing paper submissions so far, so please keep them coming. Don't forget, too, that we're also asking for tutorial submissions. These should be half-day or full-day and, as well as the free conference registration all speakers get, we pay an honorarium to tutors. Deadline is 9 January at the latest.

One very exciting bit of news I have is that Paul Graham has agreed to deliver one of the keynote sessions at XTech. I'm very pleased about this, and it follows in the tradition we've established of having interesting and challenging speakers, rather than putting plenary sessions up for sale to sponsors.

Amsterdam. 16-19 May 2006. What could be better?

As for the holidays, I hope to be spending some time catching up on my open source work, and also carrying on my work with Rails. A busy couple of months at work, combined with no fewer than two bad server hardware issues, has eroded free time considerably. So to anyone waiting on me for something, I do apologise.

One final pointer: IBM developerWorks have published the first part of my examination of the future of HTML, focusing on WHATWG. Look out very soon for the second part, looking at the various activities underway at the W3C. I know that my editor at least awaits this eagerly!

Thanks to everyone who's read this blog during the year, and for the many interesting and helpful conversations that have come from it. Happy Christmas!

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