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What I make

a conference management web application

XTech Conference
a European web technology conference

A clean sweep

Firstly, if you haven't the faintest interest in the software I use to write this weblog, please feel free to go and do something more interesting right now.

Now I'm in the company of dedicated readers of colophons, I will proceed.

Redesign and reimplementation 

This weblog, which has now been running for over two and a half years, originally ran on some custom software I'd hacked up in Zope: at that time my web development platform of choice.

Today, I've relaunched with another custom content management engine, this time written using Rails. It's been a lot of fun to write, and a good excuse to sharpen my Rails skills further.

The design has also been fun. It's a little basic right now, but I hope easy to read. Of course, the font is Lucida Grande, which ensures that I am fully Web 2.0 compliant.

The main new feature is that the tags I give articles are now made public. I used to tag posts for my RSS feed, but not publish them on the site. Now they are public--what few tags I currently have--and it's possible to find RSS and Atom feeds just for certain subsections of my writing.

I worry sometimes about spamming the various Planet aggregator sites my blog features in, so this gives me a way to direct content specifically at them. That said, at least for Planet XML I like hearing about everything the community members have to say, not just their on-topic posts.

New URLs

My blog now has a new location, http://times.usefulinc.com/, and new places for  RSS and Atom feeds:

Tools used

  • Emacs
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Firefox
  • GIMP
  • Bazaar
  • TinyMCE
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