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Rails, Bazaar and SwitchTower

I have just submitted an enhancement to SwitchTower to let you use Bazaar as a source control system.

SwitchTower is a deployment framework for Ruby on Rails applications, allowing fine-grained control over deployment of Rails applications to one or many servers. 

My contributed module lets people who use Bazaar join in the fun. Until such time as my patch is approved, save it in the app/switchtower/scm directory of your Rails app. The module assumes that the Rails application is in the root of your tree.

In your SwitchTower deploy.rb file, add:

set :repository, "you@example.com--archive/whatever--trunk--1.0"
set :scm, :baz
set :checkout, "export"

The "export" setting can be omitted if you really want baz to check out all the {arch} directories full of version control junk onto your live servers.

Note that the repository follows a specific version. If you branch your deployed version, you'll need to change the repository to the new version.

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