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XTech Conference
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Articles posted in 2006/01

GObject subclassing in Ruby

An update to yesterday's Ruby GNOME adventures.

Beginnings with Ruby GNOME

My first experiments with writing small GNOME applications in Ruby.

Score: 5, Little Hope for Humanity

The laughing hyenas at Slashdot leave me wondering whether a new name is required.

Google web authoring stats: less spin please

The Google web authoring statistics are interesting and valuable, but they ought to be presented in a more neutral fashion.

Lovely DITA, DocBook fades?

With gross apologies for the punning title, I have a brief look at the rise and rise of DITA as seen through proposals to the XTech Applications track.

Firebug: neutralizes nasty niffs

Firebug is an essential addition to any web developer's arsenal: finally a single place to discover those coding errors so politely ignored by your web browser.

Why Rails?

When I moved my blog to Rails from Zope, I was asked why. This is a brief explanation.

On the internet, everyone can see your underpants

Reflections on the disappointment with Apple's recent use of RSS.

Rails, Bazaar and SwitchTower

A module for SwitchTower so you can deploy your Rails applications using Bazaar.

Trends in core XML and RDF technologies

A review of the predominant topics submitted to the Core Technologies track for XTech 2006.

Linux fonts: still wanting

Recent work cross-checking how this site looks on various platforms leads to unhappy conclusions about how fonts are handled on Linux.

A clean sweep

A new weblog engine, a new design and a few new locations for things.

XTech call for participation closes today

Amsterdam. May. XTech. Proposals. Due. Today.

Are web services and e-business interesting?

Why e-business and web services have a low profile in the XTech Call for Participation.
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