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Scripting for the Semantic Web

I have the honour of having been asked to be on the programme committee for the 2nd Workshop on Scripting for the Semantic Web. Whereas a lot of semantic web conferences are heavily academic, this workshop mixes the learned approach with real world deployment experience and sharp-end grassroots semweb hacking.

The topics the workshop seeks to cover are close to my heart and represent the place where a lot of discovery and experimental deployment of the semantic web is taking place. So, you should consider submitting a paper to this workshop if you're doing serious implementation work around RDF, wikis, syndication, FOAF and related topics. I was a little flattered to see DOAP in the list of buzzwords in the call for participation too!

The workshop also includes the Scripting Challenge, where an iPod nano is up for grabs for "the most innovative small scripting application or mashup. The application must be implemented using a scripting language and Semantic Web technologies. It should access, visualize or combine information from different sources in new unforeseen ways."

You can find the call for participation online at semanticscripting.org. The workshop itself will be held on June 11 in Budva, Montenegro--the day before the 3rd European Semantic Web Conference.

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