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XTech: one week and counting

It's now just one week until XTech 2006.

This is the point that the whole of the last year has been leading up to for me. It's now I can let myself stop being stressed and start to let the excitement in.

You know how sometimes you look back at stuff you've done, and go "wow!" -- that's pretty much where I am right now. I've run out of superlatives to apply to the speaker lineup. I've thrilled that we'll be joined by just about the entire Mozilla project, Paul Graham, Jeff Barr, Jeffrey McManus, huge chunks of the BBC brains trust, the smartest people in XML and the semantic web, Ajax pioneers and thinkers, top-class instructors and so much more.

Last-minute XTech happenings of interest include:

Finally, just a note that it's never too late to come along. If you've not registered, just turn up on the day and pay on the door. It's an easy flight to Amsterdam, a short train ride to Centraal and a short walk to the hotel.

See you there! 

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