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So, you missed XTech?

If you missed being at XTech 2006, no need to worry, there's some great coverage out on various blogs right now.

Suw Charman has some detailed transcripts of sessions she attended. Find them via the "related entries" bit of her XTech wrap-up post. I'd not had the pleasure of meeting Suw before last week, and I was enormously happy that she came to speak at the conference and contributed so generously in her blogging.

(I also had a very interesting conversation with Suw about venues in London, which is all I'll say for now, but watch this space for news of a plot I'm cooking up for later this year.) 

Thomas Vander Wal has also written about his XTech experiences. It thrills me to bits that we were able to challenge and stimulate established web experts and newcomers alike.

I'm really grateful to everybody who has blogged about XTech. It really improves the experience for everyone, and reaches out to those who were unable to attend. Through Planet XTech we were all able to get instant feedback and reflection on the conference. I've tried to read every word that has been written, good and bad, and will fold what I've learned into the planning for next year's event. 

And now is not the time to rest. XTech 2007 will be held in Paris, in May 2007. I will very shortly be announcing the theme and confirming exact dates and venue.

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