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What I make

a conference management web application

XTech Conference
a European web technology conference

Articles posted in 2006/09

A deployment pattern for Rails and bzr

An explanation of the way I use Rails and bzr for efficient deployment.

Locking down portmap on Debian

Sharing the benefit of my recent system administration adventures.

EuroFoo reflections

A few notes and notions from O'Reilly's European Foo Camp.


Travelling to Brussels for EuroFoo and EuroOSCON.

Rails deployment tip for Debian systems and Apache

A little Capistrano rule that helps keep all your configuration in one place when using Rails with Apache and Ubuntu or Debian.

Load-balancing Mongrel with Apache 2.0

If you're not ready to run Apache 2.2, you can still load balance Rails Mongrel servers using Apache 2.0's mod_rewrite module.

New home for Monopod

Nickolay Shmyrev has taken over as the new maintainer of Monopod, my simple podcast client for the GNOME desktop.
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