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Deadlines to focus the mind

Here is a graph showing the number of proposals sent in for XTech 2007 over the last two weeks.

Proposals submitted for XTech

The actual deadline date is the highest bar. The Monday after, when everybody realised they'd missed the deadline, is the second highest bar. Of course, it's an open secret that tech conferences regularly extend their deadlines to account for such things. I am probably stricter than most programme chairs in this respect.

This year we got over 200 proposals. That means over three proposals to each slot, so choosing's going to be tough.

This graph is one of the bits of helpful eye candy ExpectNation gives me. As the conference organization proceeds I'll publish some other interesting details about the inner workings of XTech.

Meanwhile, I'm overwhelmed as usual with the quality of conference submissions, and will enjoy the task of reading each one this week. 

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