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What I make

a conference management web application

XTech Conference
a European web technology conference

Articles posted in 2007/06

Collecting minimal user information

Asking for too much information from users is a barrier to participation. So, we invented a way to make sure that users only get asked for as much as we need to know.

Jeni Tennison on women in computing

A thoughtful and interesting piece on the gender gap in computing.

Why Bazaar rocks, and the highs and lows of its use with Rails

Mark Shuttleworth writes about the importance of merging in version control systems.

BarCamps and unconferences: what software support do you need?

Discussing how Expectnation can be made even more useful to ad-hoc conferences.

Launching Expectnation

For the last 18 months, I've been hard at work with Expectnation. Now it's live!
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