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Edd 10.5 release notes

I’ve had my head down with lots of hard work and exciting developments, and alas too little time to blog here. However, I wanted to post a few updates as to what’s been going on.


Most of my time’s been spent working on Expectnation, the conference and event management application my company works on.

The highlight of this quarter is that we launched registration facilities, so now in addition to planning content, creating your event web site and managing speakers, you can take money and register folk for your conference.

We’re very excited about adding this, and it makes Expectnation the ideal “conference in a box” system.

It’s a complete buzz to see submissions coming in for RailsConf using our software—Rails-based, of course!


I’m currently gearing up to open the call for participation for XTech 2008. We’ll be in Dublin, Ireland, in early May 2008. More soon on this front.

Additionally, I’m going to be co-chair with Allison Randal for O’Reilly’s OSCON 2008. I can’t really say I’m filling Nat Torkington’s shoes (more like ironing his shirts) but needless to say it’s a great privilege about which I’m thoroughly excited.

Katherine reading

With being so busy, I’ve not had the time to travel as nearly as much as I’d like this year (the small matter of the baby twins has some bearing on this, too). I’m very sad to be missing XML 2007, as the XML crowd remains the most erudite, eclectic and friendly bunch of people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.


My sporadic attempts to attain literary posterity will again come to the fore over the next few months, as a new project starts with my old friend and co-conspirator Simon St.Laurent. All hush-hush for now, but I look forward to sharing the news and maybe some early-access content here.

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