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XTech 2008 call for participation is open

I'm pleased to announce the Call for Participation for XTech 2008. We'll be in Dublin, Ireland from May 6-9th.

Our theme for this year is "The Web on the Move". I'm not just talking about your shiny new iPhone, but about the emerging portability of data, applications and identity on the internet. XTech 2008 will explore the benefits, issues, practicalities and fun of a web built on open standards, open source and commodity technology.

The confluence of virtualization, open APIs and open data standards has really made me think. Today, you probably trust somebody else to store your email. Tomorrow, they'll be running your applications, providing you your computing power and exchanging your data with other providers.

XTech 2008 will cover portability in all its senses, including shared identity, data, mobile client devices, machine virtualization and more, in addition to our usual run of technical web development topics including Ajax, markup, programming and operations.

Just as importantly as the content, XTech is the place to meet others who are shaping the web as we know it. Take a look at last year's speaker list and presentations. If these are the people and organizations you want to argue with, be inspired by and challenge, I'd love you to be part of this year's speaker list.

Head on over to the Call for Participation, and be sure to get your proposals in by January 25th! 

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