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Articles tagged with 'linux'

OSCON: what are your must-see talks?

We've switched on personal schedule sharing on the OSCON web site.

My OSCON 2008 picks

Read on to see what I want to see, and get 15% off OSCON registration

Secure LDAP replication

LDAP's hard. Security's hard. Replication's hard. Here's how it went for me.

Low-tech SSL certificate maintenance

I maintain a bunch of mostly self-signed SSL certificates. Too many not to automate. Here's how I do it.

We're all ops people now

Five years ago, would you have been managing terabits and arrays of distributed services?

Gandi's VM hosting beta now closed to new users

Gandi's hosting service rocks, but you'll have to wait a little while to play with it

Badges, blogging and bragging

Back from my travels, it's time for a few updates. I've mostly blogged about these elsewhere, so I'll just give some pointers here.

Smartcard authentication on Linux and Mac

A brief wander around two-factor authentication with smartcard tokens

Zonbu: an intersection of open source, Web 2.0 and energy efficiency

Zonbu is a silent, no-moving-parts, domestic PC based on Gentoo Linux and Amazon S3 storage.

Nokia N800, the second time around

What makes Nokia's internet tablet fun to use, albeit on my second attempt.

Small bundle of sluggy joy

I'm a bit late to the party, but the NSLU2 is a piece of kit you can't afford to be without.

Living and coding on a Mac

A few notes on how the Mac experience has gone, some months since the switch from Linux.

Locking down portmap on Debian

Sharing the benefit of my recent system administration adventures.

Load-balancing Mongrel with Apache 2.0

If you're not ready to run Apache 2.2, you can still load balance Rails Mongrel servers using Apache 2.0's mod_rewrite module.

In search of agile infrastructure for web applications

Many advances have been made in agile programming frameworks, enabling a reduction in the amount of code that needs to be written. But what about agile system infrastructure for web applications?

Better subpixel rendering on Linux

Tobias Wolf sent me news of patches for Cairo and Xft to get rid of the colour fringing for X subpixel rendering.

Catching up

I've been on blogging hiatus for a long time, but here's some updates as to what I've been doing. XTech, MacBook, Debian, Rails.

Linux fonts: still wanting

Recent work cross-checking how this site looks on various platforms leads to unhappy conclusions about how fonts are handled on Linux.

New series on Debian

Introducing a new series on Debian administration.
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