Portrait of Edd Dumbill, taken by Giles Turnbull

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What I make

a conference management web application

XTech Conference
a European web technology conference

Articles tagged with 'web'

Gandi's VM hosting beta now closed to new users

Gandi's hosting service rocks, but you'll have to wait a little while to play with it

Badges, blogging and bragging

Back from my travels, it's time for a few updates. I've mostly blogged about these elsewhere, so I'll just give some pointers here.

Zonbu: an intersection of open source, Web 2.0 and energy efficiency

Zonbu is a silent, no-moving-parts, domestic PC based on Gentoo Linux and Amazon S3 storage.

Launching Expectnation

For the last 18 months, I've been hard at work with Expectnation. Now it's live!

Up close and personal at XTech

News of the XTech browser summit and personal scheduler.

JavaScript frameworks, new heroes of the web

A brief expression of delight at the progress in JavaScript frameworks.

Afraid of the POX?

Wondering why web application writers are so reluctant to provide plain XML outputs of their data.

The best of XTech 2006

A look back at some of the best received presentations from XTech 2006.

Places I'll be: Carson Summit, XTech, RailsConf

Pointers to some tech conferences I'll be attending in the near future.

Google web authoring stats: less spin please

The Google web authoring statistics are interesting and valuable, but they ought to be presented in a more neutral fashion.
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