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What I make

a conference management web application

XTech Conference
a European web technology conference

Two things I'd like to have

Here are two, somewhat unalike, additions to my perennially growing wishlist.

A Bluetooth GPS receiver

Some of my cool friends like Matt and Jo are playing around with the Fortuna GPSmart. This is a reasonably affordable GPS system that can be connected to via Bluetooth or USB serial. As my current interest is focusing very much on context centered assistance, it would be fun to see what GPS could bring to the party.

A FOAF-like vocabulary for open source projects

A natural extension to FOAF for the community in which I spend a lot of time would be a way to describe projects and people's involvement in them. As many projects are indexed in automated databases such as CPAN or Freshmeat, it would be easy to expose lots of data in this vocabulary with relatively little overhead.

I've done an initial survey of the various bits of metadata the commonly used systems store. If in the next few days it appears that such an effort hasn't already been started by other people, I'll get cracking with writing the required RDF schema and add tool support, probably through FOAFbot and Dashboard first.

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