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Camping with the Foo

The wine country has never been so geeky. I'm staying at the O'Reilly offices in Sebastopol, California, for a weekend-long convention of what Tim O'Reilly calls "alpha geeks." He invited a selection of people who are shaping the next wave of technology to an ad-hoc camp, which is kind of an extension and semi-formalisation of the most useful conference corridor-conversations.

I'm definitely here to figure out what to focus on next. What I'm hearing and seeing so far is persuading me that wireless technology, in particular Bluetooth and Symbian stuff, is going to get bigger. My American colleagues never quite saw what I found so fascinating with it, but now they're all starting to own Nokia 3650s and suddenly are getting it. My guess is there's going to be an explosion of interest in what you can hack with these devices.

There's a session by some guys from the Shmoo group on Bluetooth security later, which I've been looking forward to. It's amazing how many people leave their phones discoverable. I've been entertaining myself by surreptitiously sending photographs to strangers' phones during meetings.

What's great about this meeting so far is that there are some really interesting people that I wouldn't normally meet in my normal sphere of conferences, which focus predominantly on open source or XML. Last night I had a very pleasant chat with Scott McCloud, and met the guy who does Blogdex.

Happily, Nat Friedman made it here, so it was good to catch up on the state of Dashboard, and also get some news on the progress of the Mono PowerPC port. Nat seems very excited about the opportunities he has since the Novell buyout. Things have been quiet of late simply because him and Miguel have been so busy.

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