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I'm in heaven

Today I'm in geek heaven in so many ways. I read Curtis Hovey's recent weblog entry. He writes:

I strongly feel that a GNOME metadata solution should be based on metadata standards: RDF, OWL, FOAF and use common grammars.

Curtis is also looking at using Redland as a backend for Medusa, the desktop content indexing and search tool he's working on for GNOME. In my opinion, this would be an excellent choice! Curtis comments "I think I'll need more query capabilities". A timely observation: Dave Beckett has just started on an RDQL implementation for Redland.

This really is a coming-together of several of my tech dreams. I love RDF and I love GNOME. I've long been of the opinion that a good place to use semantic web tech is on the desktop. It's the source of most of our primary information organisation woes. Like Nat says, we spend way too much of our time as filing clerks.

The co-existence of D-BUS, Redland, Dashboard and Medusa is making me think we can move the GNOME desktop rapidly into the future, and even take the lead in innovation. So cool!

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