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Upping the pace

It's turning out to be quite a momentous week. First, congratulations to Miguel's team for releasing Mono 1.0 on schedule. It's awesome work, and has already inspired many other contributions. Some of these are unexpectedly wonderful, like the great work on Mono for Mac OS X.

At the beginning of the week, my co-author Niel Bornstein and I finished up sending back comments on the proofs of Mono: A Developer's Notebook. Now, we sit back and wait! If all goes according to schedule we'll have the book out in mid-July, ready for OSCON. We tried our hardest to ensure the book is correct for Mono 1.0. There are a few things we just couldn't get in on time, such as the developments with Cocoa#. To address this, we'll be writing a few extra sections of the book that'll be published online.

The most significant change for me personally this week is that it was my last as editor of XML.com, something I've done for almost five years. As I explained in a brief editorial, I'll be moving on to be Editor at Large for O'Reilly Network. That gives me a much broader scope to get involved in covering other topics that interest me, such as Linux, Mono and wireless.

Kendall Clark, who has worked with me for some years on XML.com now, will be taking on the editorship of the site. Five years of XML.com has been a fun ride for me, but I'm glad the site now has a chance for fresh ideas.

However, I won't be walking away from XML. If anything, I'll be getting closer to the grassroots as I return to the authorship of the long-running XML-Deviant column, which I started off in January 2000. Add to that my XML columns for IBM developerWorks, and being chair of the XML Europe conference. I'm never going to be far away from those pointy brackets. Who knows, maybe I can cause a little more trouble now.

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