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This week I'm at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention. It's exciting to be here, and as always as much for the folk you meet in the corridors as for the talks themselves.

I finally got to see a real life copy of Mono: A Developer's Notebook today. In fact, the conference bookstore has now sold out of them! Unfortunately they only managed to get six in the first place, as the book has only just been printed. I'll be giving my copy to Miguel de Icaza when he does his talk this afternoon, so after that I'll have to wait until getting back home to get mine. O'Reilly are shipping 100 copies to Novell's event before LinuxWorld next week, so looks like there's some opportunity for people to get their hands on them. Sadly, I'm not going to be at there myself.

DOAP is really taking off. Since I did the pre-announcement last week we've gained a wizard for making DOAP files, a DOAP viewer and a Firefox extension for showing DOAP files linked from project web pages. Check out the DOAP project page for latest news. There's an RSS feed of DOAP news there too.

I dropped by the Aspiration stand in the exhibit hall and there's a lot of crossover between one of the projects they want to do and DOAP. Hopefully they'll use DOAP for their work. The top priority for implementation right now is DOAP aggregators. We need a few DOAP-based software-directory-in-a-box applications. I talk on DOAP at OSCON tomorrow.

I'm happy.

Update: O'Reilly are shipping 30 more copies of the Mono book to the conference for Thursday morning. Excellent!

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