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Mono book examples available, IronPython port started

After a little bit of delay, I'm happy to announce that the examples which accompany Mono: A Developer's Notebook are now available online from O'Reilly's web site. This means a lot less typing for those of you who've bought the book.

While the examples might be of use to people who haven't bought the book, I promise you'll get a lot more out of them if you use them in tandem with it. For one, you get screenshots of how it's all meant to work, as well as lots of explanation about what's going on. And Niel Bornstein and I will certainly be a lot happier for your support!

I've also started to port the book examples to IronPython. I hope to do a complete job on this, although some work will necessarily have to wait for bug fixes in IronPython. You can see my progress in my subversion repository. There's a web view available too.

If you're impatient and want to get them going with IronPython right now, you will need to apply the patch I sent to the IronPython mailing list, and rebuild IronPython.dll using the Makefile I posted. Note that there's a more troublesome bug with inheriting constructors but I've avoided triggering it in my ports of the examples.

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